Thursday, September 25, 2014

International Courses

Chris Forbes from Canada and Bindu Pradhan from Nepal attend the International Pravinia Face Lift Massage course in Bangkok. Founder of Pravinia Khun "B" teaches the basics with a mannequin before moving on to the live workshops.

Bindu learns by doing with the Pravinia staff. Expert professional instruction is provided in all courses.

As well as developing the skills necessary, theorectical knowledge is also important to understand the methodology of the Pravinia style face lift massage.

Khun "B" insures that correct techniques are mastered by all students.

New friends are made all the time, both Asian.....

and Western!

 Watch the video below to see how much fun we have!


Our courses are always full. Call special HOTLINE for booking: 086 272-7171 or LINE: rickray or visit our fanpage: